Code of Alabama Title 34 Chapter 27 Article 3 Vacation Time-Sharing Plans

  • Section 34-27-50 Definitions.

  • Section 34-27-51 Acts constituting violation of article - Sell, etc.; without license; failure to provide certain documents at time of registration; failure to follow rules of advertising.
  • Section 34-27-52 Acts constituting violation of article - Failure to keep certain items among business records.
  • Section 34-27-53 Acts constituting violation of article - Failure to utilize, etc., fully completed copy of contract.
  • Section 34-27-54 Acts constituting violation of article - Failure, etc., to honor buyer's request to cancel contract.
  • Section 34-27-55 Acts constituting violation of article - Failure to refund all payments; failure to place all funds in escrow account.
  • Section 34-27-56 Acts constituting violation of article - Misrepresentation.
  • Section 34-27-57 Acts constituting violation of article - Sell, etc., interest in plan to third person that substantially affects rights of other owners.
  • Section 34-27-58 Acts constituting violation of article - Failure to place 50 percent of cash, etc., received in escrow; failure to provide liability insurance, etc.
  • Section 34-27-59 Acts constituting violation of article - Failure to disclose total financial obligation, etc., in contract.
  • Section 34-27-60 Acts constituting violation of article - Misrepresentation; waiver of rights of purchasers; sale, etc., without license; bad checks.
  • Section 34-27-61 Hearing; refusal, suspension or revocation of license; willful violation defined; escrow deficiency.
  • Section 34-27-62 Enforcement and implementation of article; acts constituting misdemeanors; voidability of sales of unregistered plans, etc.
  • Section 34-27-63 Filing of plan relating to units not substantially completed requires filing of additional documents.
  • Section 34-27-64 Registration fees; assessment of costs of investigating violation of article.
  • Section 34-27-65 Proceeds from sale, etc., of lease plan exempt from Transient Occupancy Tax.
  • Section 34-27-66 Examination and license requirements; issuance and renewal of license; inactive status; change of address.
  • Section 34-27-67 Registration required of every plan offered for sale.
  • Section 34-27-68 Commission may seek injunctive relief, etc., for violation of article; investigation; revocation of registration.
  • Section 34-27-69 Surety bond; suspension, etc., of license for violation of article; reinstatement; relicensure; board must be notified of initiation, etc., of legal action.
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